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Syrian Hamster

Look at this cute little furry fellow. Is she (I don't see the balls in the picture) just adorable and cute?

(Picture by Warren Photograpic)

I couldn't resist. I had to share this. I find it such a disappointment to the world of marketing (to me at least).

So what got me so mad? What triggered the inner PETA in me? Well let me tell you. So, on a warm Thursday night, I was scrolling through Facebook when suddenly an ad appeared on my timeline.

The visual of the ad contains two furry Syrian hamsters looking cute as always. At first I thought it was just some usual pet shop ad till I realised it was not your usual pet store ad. It was in fact a marketing campaign being executed by a local pet store. But what got me so annoyed and disgust? Have a look at the ad below.

Register, get a voucher and redeem a Syrian hamster @ RM1 only. 

Honestly, this is such an unethical marketing campaign. I just can't accept it because it seems as though they are labeling hamsters as toys and not living creatures, encouraging even more people (kids and adults) to be irresponsible pet owners and it could be a tactic for them to get more exposure while at the same time trying to reduce the number of stock they have.

This is the Google form do get a voucher.

It is kind of disappointing to see PetsMore running such campaign. Being a pet store, they should have the brains to be more ethical and think before doing such marketing stunt. It not only causes the pet lover community to get upset but it also reflects how the company is as a whole. Not forgetting it also affects their brand image and I can bet, I am not the only person who has reacted negatively to this promotion. 

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Well, they are there to make the money. Consumers being themselves, only a small portion would be educated enough to boycott the campaign. The rest, its just a matter of saving more money.

    Who knows what diseases these babies are harboring.


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