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I will not wither

It's almost the end of April and now only I've got the time to put some updates here.

I'm just waiting for the time I'll be able to stroll the streets of another city, wake up to the air of somewhere else and listen to sounds of a joy in the air.

I have not been updating much here due to one main reason: WORK. Have been working day and night to get things done like literraly. Somehow I feel like work never ends and there are times I would just wake up and think to myself what am I doing? Life has to be more than this. Life supposed to be happy and stress free but it seems that's not what it is. Sometimes I just feel no matter how much you do or achieve at work, it will never be enough nor satisfactory to those above you. However I am grateful enough to have team mates who are just extremely supportive of each other and keeps each other going day by day.

Well we all got to make a living and some people always gets it easy while others got to work a little harder to get it. There are times I just wished I could just walk away but I cannot give in without a fight.

So now I am just taking it day by day till that day comes.