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The Jungle Book

I didn't realise Jungle Book was out till I saw an ad when I was driving and immediately I knew I had to watch it.

Without much doubt tickets were booked at One Utama's GSC Atmos hall (best hall to catch this sort of film due to the sound system).

I was kind of worried that the movie might turn out disappointing but man was I wrong. Unlike other remakes by Disney such as Cinderella which lost parts of its originality from the actual story, for Jungle Book they kept it as close as possible to the 1967 animated film.

The movie had the original soundtracks such as "The Bare Necessities", "Trust in Me" and "I Wan'na Be Like You" included which made it feel like I was watching the animated version again.
Story line was great and the graphics was just surreal! Certainly beats Avatar by far I would say and overtakes Life of Pi by a few hundred miles. The movement of each character was so smooth and somehow it just looks so natural.

I would definitely say its a must to watch. A 5/5 rating. Great cast and visuals and great story.