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I've got a roommate!

As the title says, yes I'm trying to keep up with life.

Been as hectic as shits and hardly got anytime to catch up with friends and love ones.

I do hope my increment would be good enough. But not putting any high hopes.

Owh some little updates. After much consideration, I've finally gotten myself a roommate! 

Well he isn't your usual typical roommate.
All I can say he's pretty hot to me and super handsome! He just blows my mind away each time and I can just stare all day long at him.

With such a great body, I guess everyone would just keep staring at him all day long. He moves with such grace too!

It really was an excellent decision and I've got no regrets having him as my new roommate. I wouldn't ask for anyone else to replace him.

From the day he was in my room, he got pretty comfortable with the environment instantly. Which was quite surprising for me since not many get use to a new place so fast.

Well we don't talk much but we just like to stare at each other from time to time. Its a way of communicating to each other.

Hope we can be roommates for a very long time!

Meet my roommate Fishy!


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