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The day I move away

It is Sunday and I'm just all lazy as fuck (sorry for the vulgarity but I am).

Went to catch Angry Birds The Movie last night and I just fell asleep halfway through. Haha. Few reasons but the obvious one was I am just dead tired from the day before actually. I did BodyPump and BodyCombat back to back with lack of rest. Surely I will be full flat dead.

Anyway like every other Sundays it is laundry day! It is kind of funny but I do enjoy doing laundry. Guess its just pretty relaxing. Of course I would much prefer to do it at my own home (if I had a place of my own la).

PSA: If you need to do your laundry but haven't got the time, let me know. I can do it for you! My services include collection, washing, drying, folding and returning. This service does not include ironing. Only serious customers will be entertained. #thisisnojoke #imdeadserious Drop a comment below, email me or just head over to my Instagram for more communication channel.

Okay next story.

Lets straw away from the above story. So I have been staying with my uncle for the past 3 years I would say and I couldn't not be any more grateful for it. Although I'm hardly at home but I just feel very lucky. Having said that, there is one thing which I just stand which is the horrendous situation I am going through right now. It is due to MBPJ and our lovely PDRM folks. The place where I am staying at can be considered a densely populated area with a few blocks of condominium and it is surrounded by houses. It is also quite the number one choice place to stay by students due to its location and stuff. Because of all the many people staying there, parking has become an issue and many residence have no choice but to park by the road side. 

Now here is where the story gets interesting. The road is a main road with very low traffic and it is still considered a residential area. Somehow MBPJ / PDRM just love to make the life of their people miserable. They would come by on a daily basis sometimes as early as 6am to issue summons to all the cars there. Talk about efficiency. First it was just MBPJ but now it is the traffic police who would come by to do so. It is because its 'that period' of the year again?

Frankly speaking, the cars are in no way obstructing traffic and it is a residential area. I've received countless tickets under my car wiper and honestly the cost is just way overboard. The worst part of this situation, even cars parked at a dead end road is given a ticket. That is just ridiculous! Instead of helping to solve the people's parking woes, officials just tend to make things tougher. It is not like the police is making our streets any safer at all. Its not like MBPJ is doing to improve the lively hood of its people.

I'm not sure how much longer I can take this sort of nonsense happening. That's why living in a so called "up scale" area just makes things undesirable in many ways. I guess I might just have to write to a Datuk or something to get this problem settled? I really will do so if given the chance. 

I'm just waiting for the day I can find a place of my own. 

On another note, dropped by GH yesterday to visit a friend of mine who was transferred here. I pray he recovers fast! He is just not himself. Speaking of GH, it was my first time there and man, the whole hospital needs an upgrade. The place is very very old and in dire need of some aesthetics help. Yes, it may be the world's largest GH in terms of the number of beds but the condition is just bad. 

Its going to be another long week ahead with lots to do. Well work has been the same either way with not much changes.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend anyways.


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