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Paid my dues

I've paid my dues. Wait, are you thinking of Anastacia's song?

Well not! I've paid my dues as in my outstanding bills I've gotten from MBPJ. Yea, remember I said (not sure if I did) I wouldn't want to pay it? I've got to.

So last Thursday I received two love letters from MBPJ stating that I have outstanding amounts to be settled and failure to clear them I would be called to court and my name would be submitted to JPJ which would mean I won't be able to renew my car road tax. Blood hell I tell you.

Anyhow because of that I decided to settle the payment using MBPJ's online portal. To my surprise there is actually a discount given when you choose to pay online. Like for reals! From my understanding, if you pay within two weeks of you receiving your ticket, the price to pay is only RM30 (original is RM100) while the longer you keep it the price gets higher. What I can summarise is the price are grouped into RM30, RM50, RM70 and the ultimate price to pay is …

Catching up

Another weekend just ended like that. Too fast I tell you, too fast!

But I had a lovely weekend as always. Spending time with your loved one really makes a difference in many ways.

Been feeling kind of emotional for the past few weeks but slowly and surely been keeping it in check nicely.

Cherish it

It was an extremely long day for me on Wednesday. Had an event to attend to which I co-hosted and assisted in preparing the set up of the whole thing.

The whole of Wednesday, I only had 2 hours of sleep because I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 7am. Was at the venue by 8.30am, took over the microphone at 11.30am and so on.

It is just so draining! But I'm not complaining much about it. The one thing I should be complaining about is my lack of time with friends and family.