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Cherish it

It was an extremely long day for me on Wednesday. Had an event to attend to which I co-hosted and assisted in preparing the set up of the whole thing.

The whole of Wednesday, I only had 2 hours of sleep because I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 7am. Was at the venue by 8.30am, took over the microphone at 11.30am and so on.

It is just so draining! But I'm not complaining much about it. The one thing I should be complaining about is my lack of time with friends and family.

So on Wednesday when I woke up I received a text from my friend informing me something which I've been wishing not to hear.

My friend had passed away on the same day, early Wednesday morning. When I read it, I was just lost for words and not knowing how to reply nor what to say. My heart just sank and I was just thinking how life is the whole time. Its just so fragile.

I was at a cross road at that point of time. I wanted to go for his funeral but at the same time I can't because I needed to manage the event as well. Thus I made the hardest decision to stay at my event and rely on updates from my friend.

He was one of the nicest person I've ever known and was always with a smile on his face no matter what.

Here we are four years ago. I can still remember he was just glued to his book all the time during the trip and he actually climbed up a cliff just to find some peace to read it. 

How fast time has flown by us and on that day, I guess God just decided to have you by his side earlier than expected.

My prayers will always be with you and I do believe you are in a much better place free from worries and filled with love. 


  1. Oh! You know him!
    I knew him all too well. I hooked up with him for almost 2 months in the end of last year. I like him very much. And but it didn't go that way. We both knew what we wanted then. I was crestfallen knowing the news of him passing away. He was so active in sports and had a bright future ahead of him! In April he was having so much in BKK; a month later, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Life, indeed, is a mystery.

    1. What a small world! I visited in twice and its heartbreaking to see him in the state he was. Well that's life I would say. Anything can happen.

  2. Aww that sad. My condolences.


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