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Paid my dues

I've paid my dues. Wait, are you thinking of Anastacia's song?

Well not! I've paid my dues as in my outstanding bills I've gotten from MBPJ. Yea, remember I said (not sure if I did) I wouldn't want to pay it? I've got to.

So last Thursday I received two love letters from MBPJ stating that I have outstanding amounts to be settled and failure to clear them I would be called to court and my name would be submitted to JPJ which would mean I won't be able to renew my car road tax. Blood hell I tell you.

Anyhow because of that I decided to settle the payment using MBPJ's online portal. To my surprise there is actually a discount given when you choose to pay online. Like for reals! From my understanding, if you pay within two weeks of you receiving your ticket, the price to pay is only RM30 (original is RM100) while the longer you keep it the price gets higher. What I can summarise is the price are grouped into RM30, RM50, RM70 and the ultimate price to pay is RM100.

As much as I hate it, I would rather get rid of all those shit then to have my road tax blocked. So I'm currently RM600 poorer and don't even bother asking how many tickets I've gotten from them. I tell you staying in PJ is such a pain when you have dogs like them running round.


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