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Maybe, just maybe

Honestly I just love this little space of mine. Been always wanting to write but seriously time is a killer. People always say making time is an option but honestly I just find it hard to make time for anything. Anyway thought I should put some thoughts on what I've been up to lately since I've been pretty quiet on my blog these days.

Have you been following America's Got Talent? Well I have. I mean I've been following since they started in the US and I've always been following the UK version of it. Anyway I'm rooting for Brian Justin Crum. Not only he looks you know like how he is, but he has that voice! Love his performance when he covered Radiohead's creep!

Its that time again

That time has come again! Vacation yo!
Well this time is back to the city I love travelling to. 
Which is? I don't know. Why not you guess?
Be heading there for four nights. Hoping to get the much needed rest and loving time with my other half.
Anyway this situation always happens to me all the time. When I am about to go for a break, there are bound to be tonnes of shit load work to settle.

Why? Why? Why?
I am trying to have a peaceful holiday hopefully. I might still need to check my phone at night but hope it'll be good.
The much needed break after lots of torsy turvy situations.
Are you heading any where this long weekend?