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Maybe, just maybe

Honestly I just love this little space of mine. Been always wanting to write but seriously time is a killer. People always say making time is an option but honestly I just find it hard to make time for anything. Anyway thought I should put some thoughts on what I've been up to lately since I've been pretty quiet on my blog these days.

Have you been following America's Got Talent? Well I have. I mean I've been following since they started in the US and I've always been following the UK version of it. Anyway I'm rooting for Brian Justin Crum. Not only he looks you know like how he is, but he has that voice! Love his performance when he covered Radiohead's creep!

Anyway, I got back not long ago from a 5 day trip to Bangkok recently. It was certainly a much needed break from all the long hours at work and never ending task at hand. For the first time out of the many trips to that city, I got the chance to feel what is it like to be relax and was practically spending my days there by the minute enjoying every moment. I've managed to shut all communication relating to work and it just made me so much more happier. Somehow I just needed to shut off from that part of the world. I wished I didn't have to let it end but as we all know, all good things will surely come to an end.

On other recent happenings, I've been getting much encouragement from friends and family to explore a potential part time career as an emcee. I've emceed for a few events in the past however I've never really taken any of it seriously as many were for small occasions and nothing big. However this year I've been given the chance to emcee for a few of my company's event which has given me the much needed experience and exposure. I've been getting quite a number of positive feedback on my performance which has given me much more confidence to pursue a career in it. But I know it won't be something easy as there are countless people out there who are doing the same thing and being able to secure jobs is not as easy as it is. At the moment I'm just taking baby steps at a time and hopefully I would be able to achieve success in this field. I guess I just love talking and keeping everyone entertain is what I like.