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Its August. We've just passed the mid year mark and just a few months before we ring in 2017. So fast!

It has been a dramatic month end I would say for me. With so many happenings, from work to personal life, it's rather draining actually. Its like sucking the life out of me day by day, minute by minute. Perhaps many do not see how its affecting me but I can feel it and definitely see the changes.

So I had a chat with a close friend of mine who is in long distance relationship. It has been a rather difficult one for him due to the distance and complexity of the relationship caused by the partner. He was sharing how his other half have been quite tough on him from time to time and he is kind of lost on what else he can do to just make the other happy. While we were exchanging thoughts, I had one key advise that me myself I practice which is to just let it be. To let things be. The more you say, the worst it becomes, thus its better to just let it be. He has been caught in several arguments due to small matters which if you ask me, it should not even be an issue at all but somehow it is an issue.

It is funny to me because I always wonder how can a small thing be such a huge issue? Which is what we talked about anyways. Trying to understand on what can be done and how it should be done. I have had my fair share of dramatic relationships in that past and I would not say that I'm free from it now but at least it's not as excessive as my previous ones. Which is a good thing I would say. I guess everyone has a limit or a breaking point in all relationship but the question here is how long does it take before someone reaches that point?

Anyway, everyone have their good and bad side. We can't expect to change a person as how we want but instead we just have to adapt and grow with it.

Hope that friend of mine is doing fine.

Maybe a little 'wake up call' may do the trick if needed.


  1. everything distance related sucks. it may be that absence can make the heart grow fonder but there's also the risk of just having it turn into a case of out of mind, out of sight. i hope your friend is fine, too.

    1. Yea he's doing fine now. I know how you feel too! XOXO!

  2. omg! out of sight, out of mind!!! lol. how'd i make that error? CRAY.


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