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The gym goers

I need to be like Emily Charlton, "I love my job I love my job I love my job". I actually do love my job and enjoy it lots but just that it has been kind of hectic till it eats you up and more or it might just burn you out.

Anyway, back to my topic of the day. As you've known, I'm a regular gym goer with one main reason which is to stay fit but lately I've been gaining more fats than weight. Trying hard to reduce it back to 11% while I'm currently at 18%! Damn it! Guess the saying is true. When you're above 25 of age, your body tend to slow down and fats gather even faster than you can say 'holy shit I'm fat'. (wait did I just give away my age??)

So I was at the gym yesterday for two classes which was bodypump and bodycombat (yes I'm working hard to burn those fats) when I realise something.

I've been noticing it quite frequent but just didn't blog about it that's all. I bet you guys would notice it too. You're bound to see or bump or even meet various type of gym goers. You would think it's the girls but hell no.

So what are the type of guys you will meet at the gym?

1 - The fresh meat.

I do admit I was first this sort of person in the gym during my first few days. But of course later on I became an adopted child. The newbies who are first timers to the gym and what they like to do is scout the place while learning from others. But why are they called fresh meat? Well to some they are if you get what I mean *wink wink*. All eyes are on them. There's no harm being a new comer or a new joiner to the gym. Everyone has to start somewhere plus gymming is good for the body but not for the pocket.

2 - The rare species.

What are they? They are those who join a gym for the purpose of "I want to be fit and healthy! I want to be like that model! I want to be Asia's Next Top Male Model!". With all those I wants, they are so pumped up during registration. 

With so much eagerness, eventually after a month (or maybe less) or so, they just disappear. Only appearing when there's a blood moon. You hardly see them in the gym at all. Most of this folks may have joined due to friends or promoters who are just sweet with their mouths or company benefits. It's not wrong for them not to be in the gym but if you're already paying for it, why not just make time and go? Psss I do know a few who are like this.

3 - The showcase

This type of guy basically are the ones with lovely bods which consists of - solid & strong arms, firmed legs, strong back and most importantly chiseled abs. After each work out of pumping iron they would stand in front of the mirror, lift up their shirts and twist from side to side ensuring the light hits all that mini mountains of muscle creating shadows which give extra tone to their abs when one looks at it.

They would normally do this for a good 10-20 seconds before resuming their workout session. Of course by doing this, they would also admire themselves and the people around them does the same as well.

4 - The photographer

"I see a mirror and I look hot! I got to snap myself and upload it onto Instagram!" Yup, you get what I meant don't you. These are those guys who could spend half the time taking pictures of themselves in the gym and out of 100 pictures, only 1 would end up on their Instagram or Facebook. Not forgetting, 3 out of 5 of those pictures, has to be shirtless. I have to admit I do take them too. Well, we all can't resist when we see a mirror and so happen that sweat on our foreheads makes us look so......yea.

5 - The hoarder

This is one person which you wished didn't exist at all at the gym. Situation: Guy using machine A. The conversation goes like this "Hey bro how many more sets to go?". The guy at the machine "Ermmmm 2 more sets only". The guy asking "Ok bro. You mind sharing?". Guy at machine ".I got 2 sets only very fast only la". So the guy who asked, walks away to do some other stuff and returns 20 minutes later to see the same guy at the machine, still sitting there and still not letting others share with him. Looks like his 2 sets became 20?

6 - The rat

They may want to be the next Edison Fan. These are the sort of guys who probably if you go in the morning, they are there. You go in the evening they are there as well. They live and breathe gym. If there wasn't any gym they'll die. Gym is their oxygen, their water, their food. Basically these guys are called gym rats as the place is like their second home. They only go home to sleep and to get a fresh bunch of new clothes that's all. They would rather be at the gym than to be out with friends maybe? I don't know.

7 - The social butterfly

I believe this sort of guys are quite widely available. Having said that, the community is so small, everyone knows each other or even if they don't know each other in reality, they would know each other on social media. It is safe to say, it is sufficient enough for them to say they are friends with that someone else he follows that other on Instagram or are friends on Facebook. I guess social media has replace the need for actually real friends? Anyway, so what is it about this type of  guys? Well, the second they enter the gym, they know everyone there right up to the cleaners. Being extremely sociable, they could just strike a conversation with anyone. Talk about communication skills, they are the best!

8 - The techie

There's a reason why its called a gym and not a cafe or something. Somehow for some, the gym is place for them to use their tech gadgets especially their mobile phones. I'm not saying that its wrong but come on. You're at the gym. Would you die if you're separated from your phone for just an hour or two? Playing and tapping away on their phones through their period at the gym is how they like. Now you wonder: you're at the gym to work out or to be on your phone? The worst are when some would just sit at the machine and tap away on their phones like nobody's business while there's a few other guys waiting to use the machine.

9 - The drama king

So there are those who would do all sort of stunts in the gym with weights and with their voices. Giving out a loud "Arghhhhh" which can be quite distracting as the sound of it is just, funny. If its a macho way of "Arghhhhh" isn't that bad. The funniest ones are those that make noises like they're having orgasm or something. Maybe they are actually getting orgasm from carrying all those weights? Wow!

10 - The stroller

I'm not going to judge anyone of any sort however this are the type of guys who are at the gym with one core mission. I guess I won't go into detail but lets just say their main focus in the gym are not the weights.

These are just my observation in gym and not meant to ridicule anyone ait. Xoxo.


  1. Haha! What an interesting read. I dunno which type of gym goer I am. :) Side note, I do enjoy both Pump and Combat!

    1. I used to be an avid Pumper then I stopped but now starting back again. Just started Combat too. Damn its tiring. hahaha

  2. loved this so much!!! FUNNY PLS.

  3. I guess I'm the fresh meat then *wink wink*

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