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Who would you date and why?

Last weekend le familia decided to have a birthday celebration for my dad at my sister's house. I guess the hardest part of this celebration wasn't the preparation but instead thinking of what to cook. As if thinking what to eat on a daily basis wasn't hard enough, I had to think what to cook for everyone. But to ease my life, I threw that task to Marcus instead. Haha. Thank God for him to safe me. Hahaha.

So the trouble of thinking what to cook was settled. All I had to do was prepare the ingredients that's all! Headed to Village Groccer in Bangsar and Bens at Batai to get the needed ingredients. If you ask me its not about being 'wahhh so atas'. Given a choice I wouldn't even want to shop at these places but honestly some of their things are pretty fresh and the selection is wider than the many other hypermarkets.

Anyway after shopping for those stuff, we spent the whole next few hours preparing and cooking them up. Australian Angus beef is just so expensive! Overall it was certainly fun to do all these stuff as it takes my mind off stuff which when I think of it, I just want to bash the faces of those certain folks.

Lately I've been filled with lots of negativity at work and it is not helping me at all. I've used to love this place but slowly I'm noticing my love for this place is dying off. With all the blood, sweat and tears I've put into, it seems to be vanishing off slowly. I guess this is all due to one reason which I shall not mention here. I still can't brain the reason behind the hire and what contribution has been put in place apart from social. The years of experience gained just doesn't justify the role given. I cannot look up to a person who just doesn't know what he or she is doing. But these are just my personal thoughts and I'm not sure how others think of it.

However out of all these stuff, on a good note my effort and time being an emcee for in-house events is being recognised. I mean its a huge thing but its a stepping stone for me. I've never felt I was good at it or anything I do until someone speaks about and tells me it. 

Well now I'm just hoping I would be given other opportunities.

Lately I've been having this thought in my brain for the last few weeks. Who would you date and why?

So the who consist of what race, what age, what height, what weight, what shape, and all the whats you can think of. Why? Because I'm just curious. Well everyone have their own preference and there are those who likes young or mature and stuff. But there are times when you ask a person why is that your preference, it is always kind of hard to answer. I mean me myself I do struggle to answer those questions of why I like that kind so and so and so.

So who would you date and why?

I'm so addicted to this song!


  1. Sending you tons of positivity from Singapore. ;-)

  2. Lol, not able to decide what to eat or cook is defo a problem I have in my family too!

    As for who would I date; gosh its so hard. I'll answer the answer in my blog!

    1. Always nobody wants to decide what to eat. Hahaha.

      I need to read your entry!


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