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It was a long weekend and I am loved it! But the long weekend has come to an end. Dreaded Monday is here and I couldn't hate any much more than I already do.

Last Thursday and Friday was the most tiring and stressful period. Was up practically for more than 48 hours for work. I swear I felt I was as high as F after being up that without any sleep and surviving only on 2 cups of coffee throughout that period apart from sugary stuff to give me more energy.

But it was satisfying I would say. Me and the team were super glad it was over. We just couldn't wait for the clock to strike 12 for us to end it all.

So last week it was one of my colleague's birthday. Want to know how old he was?

Well he celebrated his 21st birthday. Can you imagine? 21 years old only. I never felt any older.

That aside, so me, him and another colleague of mine were out for dinner. So while at it we were talking about how it is being in the community and for him being so young and trying to fit into the community was something new to him. He shared some of his stories on dating and how his friends wished he wasn't how he was. They wished he was like his other male counter parts but my advise for him was just to be himself and nothing else.

While talking about all this, suddenly my other colleague blurted out a very sensitive question towards the 21 year old fellow.

"Are you a virgin?"

I couldn't resist but just giggled and stared straight at my other colleague who asked that question. I turned to the 21 year fellow and he was blushing not wanting to answer it. But I couldn't resist and also asked him the same question with full of curiosity.

In the end, he reluctantly answered as well.

"Ya I still am".

My other colleague was full of surprise and I was in a way the same too. I mean, these days I think younger lads are more fond of you "know what" and tend to be exposed to much more stuff compared to others who were before their era. I have known a few in the past who were like "active" and they were only like what 18, 19?. Back in time, I used to have those who would approached me in those apps and they were just aged 14, 15 years old! I guess its not wrong if you are legally legit and you know what you're doing it. But at the end of the day, everyone has urges and curiosity always kills us faster then we know.


  1. o dear, reading this post reminded me of how most gay bloggers whom befriended me constantly poked fun at me because I believed in true love so much that I never made love with anyone till I fell in love with my guy and finally "did" it with him last year when i was 29, hahaha, and at one point, some even began to question my sexuality, but i guess it's a personal choice, as different people have different views, but yeah, i like what you advised your colleague, to just be himself :)

    1. Don't be ashamed of what ever age you did it. Most important its with who I feel.


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