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Feeling all sentimental

Currently back home at my parents place. I'm always back home on Sundays unless stated otherwise. Always try to make it a point to come back once a week here to meet them and catch up on what's been happening plus how things are going.

Dad is under-going some medication till early October then he has to head back to the hospital for an ultrasound. Hope things will be a-okay.

Went for gym this morning or more like late morning for body pump. Been trying to make sure I'm constant with my attendance. It is the best sort of cardio I could get since I've not been doing any cardio for the past year or so. Been a month I think since I started back body pump and I can seriously see the results faster than I can imagine. Folks have been saying I'm loosing weight and I can feel or see it too. My tees aren't so fit nor tight anymore. Hahaha! Hope to get back my V and abs (dreaming).

Anyway, last night was a last minute movie night and I bought tickets to catch Pete's Dragon. Somehow I felt it was so much better than BFG. I literally slept while watching BFG and for a Steven Spielberg movie it sure was boring.

Back to Pete's Dragon, I've not watch the animated version but one thing is for sure, it made me tear up at so many scenes. There were so many emotional scenes till I could hear my neighbors (few seats away) sobbing quietly as if trying to avoid anyone from hearing them. I just wanted to turn round and say "very sad hor?".

I'm not sure why but these days if I were to catch any movie with emotional scenes, I would start to get sentimental. When they cry I would tear up. When they die I would cry out (not literally). I'm such an emotional movie goer. Hahaha! Last time I wasn't at all like this but now, gosh I guess something is happening to me. It must be the age factor. LOL. Even when I was watching the X Factor UK auditions there was this part when a guy wrote and sang a song meant for his brother. Instantly while watching it I had tears building up. Seriously guys, watch it below.

Have you watched it? Did it trigger something in you? I hope it did. If it didn't may be you have a really tough heart.

September is here already. Soon its going to be December and the cycle just keeps going on. I feel I've got so much more to do but I just don't know where to start. I feel there's so much more adventure out there but haven't got the time to explore. What am I doing with my life? I want adventures, running around during a cool sunny day, playing in the rain, but seriously why am I not doing all that? The answer is easy. I'm just so freaking busy with work and work is all I know.