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Another long weekend has just ended not long ago. I was so wishing it would never but it did eventually. It made me depressed and sad which I cried all night long while rain drops fell from the window pain.

Do I sound poetic? Hope not. LOL. I should be a song writer maybe.

Gosh my fave contestant Brian Justin Crum didn't take of the crown as AGT's 2016 winner! So sad! But that voice (and eyes *cough*) still wins my heart. His version of Radiohead's Creep is by far the best. Always gives me the chills when I loop in YouTube. Hope he releases a single soon!

Currently following the X Factor UK. Wonder who will win this year and there's some pretty good singers too. Excited!

So what I did during the long weekend?

Well I flew off to Langkawi! You're surely going to laugh when I say this but it was my virgin trip to the island. Couldn't be any more excited.

Wished I could stay longer but since I had 3 days only, what can I do right? September wasn't a good month to be on the island as it was so rainy and the beaches wasn't lovely as well but it was still nice. Stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The place was huge and pretty far from town as well or Cenang beach. It was basically located 5 minutes away from the cable car area. We rented a car to get around town and honestly without it, not sure how would we survive.

Overall it was a lovely and great trip. Slept quite a lot and enjoyed my time lazing and eating tonnes of food whenever it was meal time.

Will surely head back to Langkawi again but perhaps with a bigger group.


  1. Go with us next year! We always try to go there once a year hahaha


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