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The Quickie Post #1

So I decided to start a post called "The Quickie Post". It's not a post of what you think OKAY. Find out what it means here.

I want to write more here but writing a full length post may take quite a lot of time as I need to edit pictures if any before I post and crack my head how to put my thoughts into words. So I thought why not I write some short updates, after all its still a posting here, no?

So here is my first quickie post!

Will be having a get together with my ex-colleagues tonight. It has been some time since I've met all of them. Great bunch of people.

Just had a hair cut. My stylist is trying something new but I got to let my hair grow out before he can fully style it as I just cut off my long locks (as if) couple of weeks ago. Missing my longer hair now. T__T

Anyway been feeling pretty annoyed by certain things lately both personal and work. Seriously its really annoying the hell out of  me and I'm just keeping my cool. Just wait till the day comes when I pull the plug on everything.

Till me next post, happy Saturday guys!


  1. So, it's not a quickie quickie post? :(

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