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Booze yo

Can I ask, is it called HotDogs or HotSausages?

What's happening to this country?

Anyway, sausages aside *ehem*, had a fun filled weekend for me at least. From Friday evening to Sunday's morning, I've never had so much booze in my blood till this extend.

Last week I was in Langkawi (yes, again but for a hen's night) over the weekend for some chillaxing moment with my fellow colleagues. Of course when I was there, booze was a must and even food had to come in second place. Wished it could've been a longer trip but nevertheless, two nights was still great too.

Back to the recent weekend, again, I just wished it just didn't have to end, like, if I had the power to stop time and freeze it, I would do it. I'm not sure why, but it could be due to the stress, oh wait, its not. It is actually towards the amount of frustration that I've been facing at work lately, which is just killing me on a daily basis. Having said that, having a good weekend, free from work is what I needed.

On Friday, was at BBCC for the launch of 2cents' magazine. I would compare them to PopCulture (which I think has stopped publication or something?) actually but nevertheless the launch was a successful one. After the launch and a few (quite a lot actually) glasses of white wine, me and my colleagues decided to head over to Market Place for a night out. It has been sometime since I've visited that place and it was before their make over. Was surprised with how the place looked. I actually took a step back and thought to myself, "am I at the right place?". The bar on the roof was relocated and the ground floor area was expanded. The place was much more spacious and airy. Looks better now. Anyway, as if Friday wasn't enough, I was back at MP on Saturday night again. Yes, you're gonna start thinking what a club hoe I am. Hahaha.

I got to admit, the crowd has dwindled tremendously ever since Divine Bliss opened but somehow I find this place still has a better life to it. I've been to DB once and that was my first and last time. I'm not sure why but I feel the crowd at DB is just pretty pretentious and too upscale for my liking. I prefer a laid back environment where everyone can say hi to each other without judging on your outlook or etc.

I've not been to clubs for sometime and it feels good being able to do so. Its as if I was almost back to my old self and enjoying life.

Lots of things has, had and have taken place but I continuously learn from it to be a better person. 

Ruth B - Lost Boy