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I threw up on Sunday morning

Managed to go through Monday with a brave face. It did seem super slow but it was still good.

Owh Happy Halloween folks!

Hope you're having a great day on this spooky day. 
Woke with a not so major hangover on Sunday due to lots of drinking on Saturday night or technically Sunday early morning.

Really had lots of fun that night although I did some stupid stuff like falling down and ruining someone else' shoe. Overall I just enjoyed my night out with my friends, although just a handful but they did brighten up my day. Had little to much drinking but it helped in many ways. Although it rained that night but it didn't stop any of us from having the much needed fun. 

After the music died, home was the place to go next. Although I wish the night would not just end but it had too. On the way back I think I threw up twice and I hate throwing up after a night out but guess my stomach just had too much gas. 

Arrived home, stripped and just jump straight into bed. Couldn't careless of how I smell. Woke up the next morning with my head spinning and my white shoe almost turn black. That sucks!

Guess who is that ;)

On another note, got a call from mum that dad has to be admitted this week. At first the doctor called to have him admitted today but it was too sudden so it had to be changed to a later date within the week. Managed to get off and be taking him to the hospital. Pray all be well. 

One of my favourites from Anuar Zain - Mungkin


  1. Sorry to hear bout your dad. Hope he will get better soon *hug hug*

  2. my thoughts and prayers for your dad's quick recovery

  3. indeed you threw up twice only. Hahaha next time cannot drink alot liao!


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