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Merry Christmas!

Christmas has arrived! Technically was yesterday.

Merry Christmas!

How was your Christmas celebration? Hope it was fun! Mine was kind of tiring but still loved it.

What do you think?

It is Wednesday and I'm just feeling all lazy mozy.

Have not been motivated to work for the past few days. Wonder why.

The Quickie Post #4

Just a quick one. Very quick. Super quick. Ultimately quick.

It's raining now. The road is all shiny. Headlights bounces off the ground to the sky. Gotta be careful as the paths all slippery.

Lovin' this version very much. Each time I listened to it, I fell all holy. The second it ends I feel sinful. HAHAHA!

The Quickie Post #3

It started off as a normal day last Friday. Headed to work, and worked all day long. After work went to get some yummy sushi for dinner before heading back home. Once home, headed for a quick shower to freshen up before heading to the club. It was a night out with my colleagues.

My Uber driver got lost trying to find his way to my place. Honestly it's not that hard to find but he just went in circles till I couldn't wait any longer and I just canceled the trip. Requested for another ride and this time, the drive also got lost but he managed to find his way eventually. Yet he wasn't even apologetic since it took him so long to arrive.


You know as I type this, I'm actually still in office. Why you may ask? Well, work lor. I mean the industry I'm in is pretty fast pace and not for the faint-hearted. Seriously, sacrifice is a big word and I guess I've done it a lot for this job. I've given two of the most important thing in my life to this job which is my time and my health.

I'm spending hours and hours at work till the extend that my health has taken its toll quite a few times this year alone.

Catch up

It is December. It is also a superbly busy period for me. Been tied up with work so much till I've left my blog hanging.
I can't wait till the end of December as that is when I get to chill and relax till the new year. Seriously the amount of work has been quite heavy till my white hair has been sprouting like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Even my stylist mentioned "What is happening to you?". I'm just speechless!
Nothing much has happened anyways for me to shout out. Dad is doing good so far. He had his CT and MRI done recently so we're just waiting for the results and the next consultation with the doctor. All will be fine :)