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Catch up

It is December. It is also a superbly busy period for me. Been tied up with work so much till I've left my blog hanging.

I can't wait till the end of December as that is when I get to chill and relax till the new year. Seriously the amount of work has been quite heavy till my white hair has been sprouting like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Even my stylist mentioned "What is happening to you?". I'm just speechless!

Nothing much has happened anyways for me to shout out. Dad is doing good so far. He had his CT and MRI done recently so we're just waiting for the results and the next consultation with the doctor. All will be fine :)

Aside from that, I've decided to keep my hair long again. I'm kind of fickle minded but I still do prefer my long hair compared to my current short hair. Yes short hair is so much easier to style and doesn't require me to do much stuff with it but it actually cost me more to maintain. People may think short hair, what's so troublesome but actually it is! Cause you got to keep it short and nice. On a side note with longer hair I have the chance or more often to play around with. Unlike short, it's kind of boring. Although many havw said I looked much younger with short hair but nah... haha. So long it is!

December ia finally here and who'd knew I would be with my current company for a year and a half now. How fast time flies. I still remember my first day at the office.

On to my personal life, well it has been good so far. I believe its improving and growing better day by day. Family is always as close as ever, friends always for me to cherish and my other half which is always there by my side through thick and thin. Well it has been 13 months and counting. Guess the both of us has surely grown up and matured together. Which is good and exciting.

I'm really looking forward to 2017. Hope much more opportunities would come. Remember when I spoke about my passion being an emcee? Well I've scored my first job but of course with the help of 'someone' recommending me as I don't think I have the power whereby people will just call me to be an emcee for their event.

I'm wishing for a break before I ring in the new year but where to?