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You know as I type this, I'm actually still in office. Why you may ask? Well, work lor. I mean the industry I'm in is pretty fast pace and not for the faint-hearted. Seriously, sacrifice is a big word and I guess I've done it a lot for this job. I've given two of the most important thing in my life to this job which is my time and my health.

I'm spending hours and hours at work till the extend that my health has taken its toll quite a few times this year alone.

Anyway, this past few days I've been having lots of hatred for some people or should I say someone to be more specific.

I've known this person for 3 years or so I think? Since meeting this person again this year, my thoughts and perception for this person was that, this person has change for the better. I've even told others that this person has changed for the better. I mean this person has change but unfortunately not fully. I would say maybe 10%?

I know its bad and it may be a sin to hate someone but I just can't help it sometimes. I do try my very best not to hate nor curse but when you have reached to a certain point you just don't give a f-ing damn and just want to hate all you can.

I've rarely hated a person in my life, honestly. I think the only person who I can remember I hate till today is my first ex. Oh wait? Did that person even exist in my life? I think not. *flip hair*

When I hate, I hate deeply. I never forget nor forgive. That's why I try not to hate anyone at all.

Yes I have and do dislike quite a number of people but I don't hate them. Hate is like such a powerful word. Its like the Lord of the Rings you know. Such powerful ring that can destroy mankind. I don't want hatred to destroy me nor anybody else.

I want a peaceful life without love and fresh air. Wait what does fresh air got to do? I don't know. Just crapping as usual.

Do I look sick? Hope not. Pimples gosh!