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The Quickie Post #3

It started off as a normal day last Friday. Headed to work, and worked all day long. After work went to get some yummy sushi for dinner before heading back home. Once home, headed for a quick shower to freshen up before heading to the club. It was a night out with my colleagues.

My Uber driver got lost trying to find his way to my place. Honestly it's not that hard to find but he just went in circles till I couldn't wait any longer and I just canceled the trip. Requested for another ride and this time, the drive also got lost but he managed to find his way eventually. Yet he wasn't even apologetic since it took him so long to arrive.

Anyways, arrived at the club just before 12 and in we went with my fellow colleagues. Had a couple of drinks. The clock ticked by without us knowing.

Suddenly I had to pay a visit to the wash room. The second I went in, I had a sudden gush of dizziness going in my head. Went into the cubicle and threw up. It was disgusting. Thanks to the janitor who assisted me by ensuring I head into the cubicle in time and gave me tissue to wipe my hands after I wash 'em. The second I came out, I told my colleague I couldn't make it. She got me a place just beside the kitchen where there was seat and a big dirt-bin beside it. It was my partner for a whole 30 minutes plus.

Not too long later my other colleagues came and helped to carry me out. Sat at the stairs outside the club. Threw up a few more times. Colleagues were worried but caring enough to care for me. They called my other half who came and took me home. The last thing I could remember that night was hearing my colleague calling me and looking into my director's face.

The next day (which was Saturday), I woke up only to be in shocked I was home on my bed. I've no memory at all of what had happened the night before and how I got home till my other half and colleagues told me. My head was still spinning but bearable. The worst thing was I had to emcee an event on Saturday. When I was at the venue my head was spinning but in the end I forced myself and pulled through the whole 5 hours.

It was an experience to remember and I'm pretty sure it will go down in history among my colleagues and for me as well.

On a separate note, my sports shoe got stolen today at the gym. It was on the floor for 5 minutes while I headed to the washroom. Came back and it was no where to be seen. This happened at Celebrity Fitness, Jaya One. Made a report to the management and they assisted by speaking to the janitors but could not find it. They apologized and would contact me if it was found. I doubt it could be found in anyway.

Why would anyone want to steal a pair of shoe? Are you that low to do so? I just can't brain these sort of people who are just lower than peasants.


  1. CF at subang area/ KL area has higher cases of stealing item and breaching locker. once stolen it won't be found anymore.

    1. That's scaryyyy. The gym should really tighten their security.


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