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The Quickie Post #4

Just a quick one. Very quick. Super quick. Ultimately quick.

It's raining now. The road is all shiny. Headlights bounces off the ground to the sky. Gotta be careful as the paths all slippery.

Lovin' this version very much. Each time I listened to it, I fell all holy. The second it ends I feel sinful. HAHAHA!

Christmas is this weekend! Feeling kinda excited this time round. Been sometime since I did so. Maybe cause I went all out to shop and got presents for everybody. I think this is the first time I've bought like so many of it for everyone.

Got various stuff. The biggest challenge for me now is to pack 'em up. Was looking for a box to fit some stuff but can't seem to find any! Even the art shop in The Gardens Mall has none. How un-cool is that.

Gonna be making some cookies this Friday too! Hope they'll turn out tummy and beautiful. Hahaha. Will share about it here. Although you won't be able to taste it but at least you can see it, that's good enough too.

So what have you prepared for Christmas? What did you buy?