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What do you think?

It is Wednesday and I'm just feeling all lazy mozy.

Have not been motivated to work for the past few days. Wonder why.


Kinda woke up early this morning to head to the gym. Its not that I'm hardworking but more of "my house no water but gym does, so I work out a bit and shower after that". Embarrassing but its a fact and truth. Many folks do it so I'm not the only one. If you do too don't deny it! Haha.

sam smith only one song 

Anyway while I was resting, just before I took my shower, something on Facebook caught my eye. It was a post by someone about the level of education in Malaysia among Muslim & non-Muslim. The article was written by MalayMail. Honestly the article is such a tabloid piece and validity of data/facts is surely doubtful. But being Malaysians, we seem to believe what ever is written in the papers. Don't we?

What got me agitated about the post on Facebook was the fact that the person made it racial and without the lack of thought was put into it before posting it up. Normally I'm not very bothered about what people post on social media but this made me feel offended especially about the things that was mentioned in it and how that person lambasted others or more of categorised others. I could not resist but to drop a comment as well on it. I had to voice my point of view.

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When I saw it, the first thing that came to my mind was, what's your level for you to judge others? So you've encountered perhaps 100 humans in your life time that didn't meet your expectation and then you just decided to make a conclusion based on that? Aside from that, making a bold statement by categorising people from a certain group as per your words doesn't really make matters any better. 

However not to long after, the post was removed. There were good and bad comments on the slur that was written in the post but I guess it was a bit much to handle thus it was taken down. Everyone is given the rights to voice their individual opinion on any thing but you must also be able to face the consequences from your own action and be responsible about it. 

Words are a powerful tool. What you say or do, makes you who you are. Use it wisely as you will be remembered for what you've said. 


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