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Firstly, I would like to take this moment to tell "gula tikus" I miss you!! Yes I've not spoken nor seen you for the longest time and have neglected our friendship but deep down I still love you for who you are! We need our McDonald session! So much to catch like how when someone loves ketchup too much at McDonald's they just pour it all out? Okay that sounds a bit wrong but hell, we are who we are right? I know you will read this so I'm putting you at the top of my list!

Honestly I'm not sure where I should start writing actually. I've got so much to update and to share with who ever (if there's any ever that reads this) here on what has been going on, what happened and what's to come.

Lets start with February. I talk as if February is like some 11 months ago here. Hahaha. But who cares. Anyway, February was certainly a very challenging month for me. No! It is not because I became a year older in that month (what? you said happy birthday to me deep down in that very deep heart of yours? Awwwww love ya). But it was a month whereby my dad had to undergo a major surgery. I'm not sure if I've written about it in my previous post but if I did, well here's a longer version of it.

To keep the story slightly shorter, my dad had to undergo a major surgery to remove a tumor which had grown along his kidney. It may seem like "ala just surgery what's so big deal" right? Well shut it. I don't care what you've got to say but just continue reading kay? Anyway, so yea he had to remove a tumor and his kidney as well. The CT scan and MRI showed that he had to do it urgently and so arrangements were made and he was warded at Selayang Hospital. For all those who thinks government hospitals are like "dumpsters" well all I can say is, perhaps you just move out of this country. I shall save that story for another day la.

Moving on, so the day he had to be warded I insisted I took him to the hospital to do so. So I spoke to my manager and director, to my surprise they were very understanding. They gave me the support I needed from my work place. It may not be large but it was the best they can offer. Moving on, so my dad was warded, and further test were done to ensure everything was okay and he was ready to be cut opened. A couple of days before the surgery dad called and said the head surgeon would like to have a meeting to explain to us about the whole procedure and surgery. Unfortunately I couldn't make so mom went to represent the family along with my aunt and cousin while I was at work slaving away. Hahaha.

You must be wondering what the doctor said right? Well here's a summary of it.

My dad's surgery is a major surgery and he had to be under GA. If the GA specialist declares he's not fit for surgery, it won't happened but thank god he was okay la. Moving on, he had a tumor to remove. He also had to have his kidney remove. But, there were complications. Apart from the tumor growing along the kidney, it also started to spread towards his liver. That is why, the surgery had to be done as soon as possible. Here comes the risk. 1st, due to how small some of the tumor can be, while the surgeons are doing their job, there is a high possibility that some specs of it could end up into his lungs which would clog up the air ways and no oxygen would be in his blood. This will harm his life. 2nd, same as earlier mention, the specs could also flow into his heart and clogging up the vessels causing his heart to be blocked which means his heart will stop and threaten his life. So it was a major surgery with a high chance of survival and high chance of non-survival as well. Nevertheless, my dad was ever ready and he knew what he wanted which was to go ahead with the high risk surgery.

On the day of the surgery my whole family were at the hospital. We were there since 7am and my dad was the 2nd person to go under the knife. 8 hours later, he finally appeared in a bed pushed by a doctor from the ICU ward to collect him. The doctor shouted his name so that  family members would know and when we stood up, she instantly said "Alright! Come on lets go to the ICU". She was so full of energy.

The first thing that came to our minds were "thank god he's out and safe!". He was transferred to the ICU for monitoring and honestly, it was heart wrenching seeing my dad in that condition but what matters most was that he is safe.

When we were allowed into the ICU, I requested to meet the doctor who's in charge to care for him to get further information about the surgery.

The tumor was successfully removed and it measured 15cm in length! That is some freaking huge tumor! His kidney was also successfully removed. But! He lost quite a lot of blood. 3 bags were use on him. Due to the coldness of the operating room, he developed acid in his blood, and the most shocking to me was, my dad's heard actually stopped on the operating table. The doctor had to massage back (said in a nicer way) his heart to get it pumping and after 5 seconds, they manage to detect a pulse.

When I heard that, all sort of thoughts were running through my head. I mean even before my dad's surgery I was already having all sort of thoughts but hearing that even made me more emotional and grateful.

After 2 days, my dad was discharged from the ICU (which the doctor said it was surprising and right after his surgery his conditions was improving day by day) and moved to the normal ward. For almost 3 weeks he was warded till he was ready to be discharged completely. During this period I stayed with him whenever I could while on other days my mom would be there by his side.

On the day he was discharged from the hospital, I looked at him and I couldn't be anymore grateful to all those who've prayed for him and to god for giving him another chance to be by our side.

It was not an easy journey for him nor it was for us but everyone stayed strong for him and here he is today almost 2 months after his surgery recovering absolutely great! Just that he needs to eat more la. Still skinny.

What I've learn most during those challenging times was how it was so so important to always stay strong and be positive. Honestly it wasn't easy for me. I'm a person who rarely shares nor show how vulnerable I am but at that point of time I was. I cried on the inside on a daily basis. I prayed to my grand parents to watch over him. I prayed to god everyday to care for him and be by my side. I prayed he would see me getting married (don't know when la. hahahaha). But the most important thing of all, I prayed he would be by my side till the very end.

There are so much more that words cannot describe on how I felt and feel till this very day.


  1. I can understand how you feel. Reading what you and your family went through makes me cringe the same way when my Mum was warded and diagnosed with kidney failure and the doctor said she must undergo dialysis session for the rest of her life. It was a major blow to all of us because no one is ever prepared to face such news from the doctor, therefore, I totally know how you must have felt during this whole month. Thankful your Dad managed the surgery and I wish him all the best in health.

    On a side note, I still follow your blog. In fact, your blog link appears in my blog so I would know each update you posted. Anyway, my new blog url is

    Do visit my blog whenever you're free.

    1. Thank you for the wishes :)

      New blog! Will check it out!

  2. you made me smile like a crazy person okayyy (not going to maintain and coverline). thanks, booboo. you know that i love you regardless right? and i'm happy God answered all our prayers. amen. please take good care of him, yeah? family is everything. i miss you and you will always be a big brother to me. ketchup soon lah. tomato ketchup, chili ketchup. all the ketchup. xxx

    1. Hahaha! Good la smile more! Thank you for your prayers :)


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