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1,100 strangers showing up for sex

Does the title of this post sound familiar? Perhaps some of you may have read it before but for those who've not, check it out here.

It talks about 1,100 strangers showing up at a guy's house for sex and the victim blames it on Grindr. The interesting part was it says the guy's ex was the one who is responsible for creating those fakes profiles on the app to lure men to his ex's house for sex. Is it true or not, well we're not sure but I feel there is a possibility for it.

I've not heard of any such stories from anyone I've known but I guess there are people out there who would do it if they HATE their exes so much till world's end.

Personally I've not encountered any such incident but one of my ex did threaten me with all sorts of thing when we broke up like accusing me of stealing, accusing me of owing money, accusing me of causing friendship ties to be severed, wanting to do all sort of stuff. It was a crazy situation that's what I can say. I am not sure how people can turn into such devils when they were all goody two shoes when you're in a relationship.

What was the worst thing you've ever done to your ex(es)?


  1. Nothing like that. I'm still friends with them!

    1. That's great! I would prefer that kind of friends relationship after the breakup rather than being enemies for life.


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