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Another long weekend

Don't you just love this country? There are always public holidays which makes it so great! Haha.

This week is more of like a "spending time in town" kinda thing. Last week I was in Penang for a short vacay-cay. Didn't do much actually. Just walked round, looked for stuff to eat, dragged our feets here and there, eat again. All we did was really just eat and eat most of the time. My stomach was literally bout to explode from all those food we stuffed our face with.

Visited few places, the usuals in Penang. Didn't really plan on where to go cause we just wanted to make the trip more of like a random thingy.

Didn't really take much pictures either. Brought a camera together with me but nah, just used to snap a little stuff and nothing much. Hahaha.

On another note, I'm currently at Starbucks, Tropicana Mall typing this out and there's this one guy beside me who I find so freaking irritating like for real.

I'm guessing he is doing his work here cause I over heard him having some call about his project and stuff, but the thing that is getting on my nerves is how he eats his nuts. Yes eating nuts which is driving me nuts! Hahaha. He chews kinda loud, he just keeps shoving them down like he has not eaten nuts for the longest time ever! I know it may sound like something small to you or what's the issue of someone eating nuts but I'm not sure why it just gets to me. Maybe cause I don't eat nuts like he does? Hahaha.

These days I tend to get irritated by the smallest thing. Is this a sign of some mid life crisis? Gosh no. I can't be facing it! I shall not accept that fact!

Last Thursday my company had their monthly town hall and they decided to give out some token of appreciation to staff who've been in the company for 2 years (since we started). I've been here for the pass 1 year and 10 months. While I was at the event, I realised there were many things I love and still do about this place and I'm not sure how am I going to part with it if I had to. I mean, I've literally seen this company grow from the start till today and so much has change. So I'm just thinking, if the day does come for me to move on, how would I react and feel? How would the people around me feel and react? Would I be missed? Would I  be appreciated? I don't know. I'm not saying I'm gonna leave anytime soon but it is just something which I've been thinking. After years of working for a few different company, I've never been so attached to a company like this. I just feel connected some way, some how. Maybe cause I've been with it since the beginning and you tend to have a special bond with the people? Sorry this may sound a bit of a drama-to-be show but yea.

There are times I totally hate the place but most of the time which is around 80% I just love it. I don't mind putting in more time for it and ensuring I give my best. I've had people telling me how awesome it is to be me, to be able to see a company grow thus far and be part of it. Somehow it does make me feel proud in certain ways.

But yea, we all have to move on one day sooner or later. Unless its written in the stars? LOL.

Here's a favourite song from my favourite singer.



  1. Hi! Nice to see you have a new post. It's nice to read long post like this. Haha... talking about work and company, I don't know, but you gave me the impression that you're always on the look out for another job, another company. Is it true that you're always moving from one job to another after a year or so? If yes, why? I'm curious. What's the longest period you stayed in the same company?


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