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So sticky!

Honestly the title has nothing to do with this post. Hahaha! Just randomly wrote it to get your attention. Have I?

It's Saturday! Actually the only reason I'm kinda happy its the weekend is that I don't have to be awake in the morning, but other than that, nothing else really matter as I still work during the weekends may it be from home or office. Yup I do. Well, sometimes I do blame myself for it. It is like "who ask you to work in this industry?, Padan muka!" you know what I mean? Hey, working in an e-commerce is a trend but if you're not ready to face the working life of it, better don't even think of joining.

So last Monday I made my virgin trip to Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Believe it or not, I've yet to explore all the states in Malaysia but at least my geography and history knowledge is good about them states. I was reading an article once, it mention that Americans hardly even know about their own states in the country, especially those living in the country side. Not so first world country is it?

Anyway, back to my Kelantan trip, it was for work purposes and not leisure. I wish it was for leisure but nah. So before flying over, me and my colleague were pretty cautious about this trip because we weren't sure on what to expect from it. When you hear stories of the state and how it is ruled, you would surely be quite cautious as well. So we were asking round about how's the place, how's the people. We didn't want to be the centre of attention when we're there, us being you know, KLites, we can be a little different than usual.

When we touched down, the first thing we did was flip our phones out and tap on the Grab/Uber app. Boy we were disappointed. There was none there (yet) thus we had to take a local taxi which cost us RM30 for a 10-15 minutes ride from the airport to the hotel (stayed at Hotel Perdana - think it was the only 5 star hotel in the city). Damn! That's freaking expensive. As we drove through the town (hardly a city), the place is just so under developed. I guess coming from the city, we tend to compare a lot. The government is not only to be blamed but the people as well. Not wanting to change and too comfortable. Anyway, to sum it up the trip was a good one. Even though our flight back to KL was 9am!

Of course before leaving a quick selfie with the mirror! Hahaha. Still got long way to go for me to achieve that beach body and I doubt I would reach it anytime soon with the rate I'm eating plus the stuff I'm eating. Lol.

Side note, I have an issue. Few months back this friend of mine ask if I could help him and me being me, I said yes. So the help was to assist to pay his phone bill first as he was running low on cash. So I chose to help as he said he would return the cash to me the following month. So as time went by, I just waited and reminded him about it from time to time. There are times he would remind me about it as well and state he would pay me back by month end (been 3 months). So I waited till today and I'm still waiting. If the sum was minor I would just close an eye but this is not. It could last me 2 weeks worth of lunch money (average RM20 per meal)! The sum that he owes me is not just for the phone bill but for some cash he borrowed as well. I'm not sure how should I ask him back for it. This isn't the first time he's been avoiding to payback. He did it to another friend of mine and it took him 6 months just to return what he owed her. For me it's simple. If you can't return in full, then just tell me and return it in stages. I'm not so cold hearted to force you but at least be courteous enough to inform since you owe others. What would you do if you're in this situation?


  1. look good! I like it.

    Is this "friend" really a friend? Tell him you need the money back to pay your phone bill. I wouldn't loan money to him again.

    1. Thanks! :)

      Well I take him as a friend. But agree, I wouldn't loan him again too. Lesson learned.


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