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What's next?

Gosh it's April!

Achieved another mile stone. Hosted an event with a total estimated pax of slightly above 300 humans. It was certainly an exciting night and I did receive compliments from the team and even the Dato. So good to hear all those positive feedback although I know there's still room for improvement.

Speaking of milestones, few years back I've set a few goals in life that I must achieve by the time I turn 30. I know some may say "Eh le wanna set life goals, as if la you can achieve it, reaching for the stars ke?". In a way yes I am reaching for the stars. I want to pick them from the sky and keep it in my pocket. Even if I want to reach for the sky, is there a problem with you bout it? Anyway that aside, I am a person who is quite determine to do what I set out to do. I always try to make my own decisions without having any interference from any other party.

So throughout this few years I've set 2 main goals that I must achieve by the time I am 30. To my surprise not too long ago, I achieved my 1st goal and I could not be any prouder for it as it was all on my own effort. Then this year, I would be achieving my 2nd goal which I'm even more proud of! Without much help from anyone, I've strive to achieve what I must and do. Finally it paid or more of, I'm just a step away from it then I'm done!

After this is two new goals in life for me to achieve with hopes I can continue achieving till the world ends! Haha.


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