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2 weeks more to go

I'm writing this in my office. Yes its a Sunday and I'm in office. Why? Well I just have lots more to settle before I wave this place goodbye. Besides I prefer working in the office rather then home or a cafe somewhere. Reasons are because I have a season pass for parking which means my parking is covered, I have a comfortable place to work with food and snacks, awesome wifi which allows me to watch my favourite movies and I don't have to spend 15 bucks on a cup of coffee cause my office has a bean-grounding-coffee-machine.

2 weeks more before I leave this place for good (for now). Having lots of mixed emotions but I know its for a greater good anyways. Apparently another colleague of mine just resigned as well. I'm not sure if the management is not aware but clearly something is wrong somewhere in here and nothing seems to be done to fix it. Guess everyone is always replaceable and talents can be found anywhere? Who knows.

As you know I cannot travel anywhere for the next few months thus I've taken the approach of doing some Cuti-Cuti Malaysia moments. Thinking of visiting either Kota Kinabalu or Kuching sometime in July or August. Been to Kuching twice but not KK.

Recently I had a 2 nights stay at Hotel Stripes KL. It's quite fancy hotel in KL owned by the YTL group and is part of the Autograph Collection of hotels by the Marriot group. I would say its a pretty lovely place and it's located at a good location. Walking distance to the monorail and LRT stations, good for the many tourists to KL.

The breakfast isn't all that good but good enough to be eaten. The hotel is equipped with a gym, meeting rooms and also an infinity pool facing the magnificent KL tower.

I think I love the pool the most due to it being a salt water pool plus great for sun tanning too! Not many guests used the pool when I was there which is good. Hahaha.

Anyway till my next staycation or vacation, God knows when, while I'm dying for one. Looking forward to my new job soon and new place in 3 years time. Fxxking long!

Ps - I think my arms and chest and back, and abs needs lots of improvement. Don't you think so?