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What a month

July has and still is certainly a busy month for me. Started my new job and it has pretty much been keeping me quite busy. Although I do finish much earlier than usual but it still does take up my time especially travelling to and from work. On average it takes me 30 minutes to reach work but retuning takes me almost 2 hours (only once but rarely) to return home. This is because of the traffic which is such a pain!

That aside, this new place is still great as I'm learning lots of new stuff on a daily basis which is awesome and seeing how decisions made affect a whole lot of people and not forgetting you have the whole nation watching you. 

On recent updates, my dog (technically my sister's dog) died on the 10th of July. He has been part of the family for 13 years and to see him go is such a heart wrenching moment. I wasn't there to see him off but mom did. I guess old age got the best of him. We had him cremated through the service of the family vet in a private ceremony. It cost us RM450 to do so but they did it so well complete with a mini ceremony and they delivered his ashes back to our house. Mom plans to make a little memorial at home for him and my previous dog which died as well last few years. Mom said no more keeping dogs as each time this happens it is so painful to experience it which I totally agree. We've been having dogs for almost 35 years and many have come and go every time. Hope they are all happy up there. Reminds me of the cartoon I watched last time about dogs called All Dogs Go To Heaven. 

As for me, started back gumming since last week after a week of no gymming due to my tattoo. Been trying to work harder in gym to cut away the fats and build back. Seriously it's not easy. Hoping to be at least in better shape by year end la at least. 

Also I'm starting something new in terms of career. Going to do some part time thingy which I know people may hate me for it but no harm trying and learning stuff. If you don't try you don't know right?  Will share more once my training is over.

Oh did I mention I'm already planning to get my second tattoo? Yea I am. Hahahaha. But a small one la and somewhere where it won't affect my gym routine. Hahaha. Dragging either my sister or a friend of mine to get it together cause it's cheaper. Hahaha. For a small one la.

That's all for as a quick update. More to come later'


  1. Where is the first tattoo?

    Sorry about the dog


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