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Been thinking

I have been thinking lately. Usually I do not really like to think that much but lately I've been doing so. Thinking makes you very tired, mentally, till you just want to drop everything and rest.

What have I been thinking about? Well lots of stuff. From A till Z. Sometimes I wonder why I think so much also. Haha. I guess I just like to think.

The past few days I've trying to get opinions and advises from my close friends on what they think about me and the situation I'm going through. It certainly isn't easy cause it makes me think alot which I don't quite like. People think it's a small issue but for me if I don't resolve it I will feel not at ease at all. So now my mission is to find what I want till I reach at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway it is already August! Gosh how fast time flies! One minute you're in February and now you're in August.

I've been catching up on Game of Thrones series and now i'm kind of hooked on to it. I've not watched since the first season so I am trying to catch up on it. Now I'm in season 3!

Health wise haven't been feeling all that good. Been having stomach issues. I think my stomach is really weak lately.

Also did you hear (for those in KL or perhaps Singapore) that Marketplace is closing for good? Kind of sad but guess thats the nature of businesses Now everybody just prefers to head to Divine or perhaps Zouk. Heading there this Saturday.

Ps - thats what I go on my arm.