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10 things

Not sure if I've ever written this but I'm guessing not, or maybe I have? Not so sure. Hahaha.

So there are 10 things about me that I'm guess not many know or perhaps do know. Just feel like writing this for the fun of it. Lol.

  1. I love cakes and coffee. Like literally I do love them. I tend to drink coffee very often but I do try to limit my cake intake. You know it is not good to keep eating so much of cake cause it'll make you fat! But once a while is good. But its has to be good cakes.
  2. I'm allergic to eggs! Yes, shocking (or maybe not) I can't eat a whole egg by itself. Every time I consume it, the next day I'm face with breakouts and eggs are bad for pimples (yes I still get them).
  3. I actually dislike driving. As much as I love how convenient it is to drive from point A to point B, I just hate driving. It is so tiring! Plus I don't get to do anything while I drive other than singing which brings me to my 4th point.
  4. I love singing while driving. Because driving is so boring, I tend to sing in the car. It is like my mini studio where I can scream and shout all I want. 
  5. Waking up late is my forte. Yes! I love waking up late, well its more of because I can't wake up early at all. Hahaha. I'm a night owl to be precise. Hoot hoot hoot.
  6. I may have been a fish in my previous life. A must have pet for me are fishes. I'm just so fascinated by their shapes and colours plus personality. Since young I've been exposed to keeping fishes as pets which till now I'm just in love with them. At the moment in my room I have a Siamese fighting fish for almost 2 years and a guppy for almost a year. I love anything about fish, even eating them. Hahaha.
  7. I like to dance even though I'm not good at it. I can move my hips and I do have rhythm but my skills just suck. I'm no K-Pop dancer. But I love to groove to every beat.
  8. I cannot eat crabs and prawns! Why? My throat will itch. Not sure how bad it'll go, but maybe I might die if I over consume it.
  9. I'm not a shoe lover. I choose flip flops over shoes anytime. Ask anyone around me and you'll notice I always wear the same pair of shoes all the time till its torn. I guess another reason is because I've got not enough space to keep any of it.
  10. I'm a flirt. Yup, you know the rest.