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A series of unfortunate events

Image result for unfortunate events gifFirstly I would like to say, Unifi is so bloody sucky! The connection is just so unstable from time to time and I'm not sure why can't there any other provider who can overtake them in the industry?

Anyway on another note, lately (last and this month) I've been hit with a series of unfortunate events and it is just so #frusad (frustrating and sad). I can't even explain how frustrating I feel having to face them and act like I am all okay, fine.

Firstly, I think I'm having some issues again with my body. Maybe some sort of hormone imbalance shit I think. Been having breakouts occasionally and it's no fun! Been trying to get more rest and more water in my body to ensure all clears up but tough. Oh well...

Next, my sports shoe had to be replaced after years. I mean I rarely wore it until recently cause some bloody idiot decided to steal my other pair at the gym when I was having my shower. As I'll be using the shoe quite a lot, so I decided to get a slightly better one and it cause me quite a sum.

Then, a bloody fucker who's staying around my uncle's condo decided to bloody sabotage car drivers like me by inserting a sharp object into our car tyres and causing it to go flat. This isn't the first time and it has been happening quite a lot of times. If I ever catch the person who's doing it, you better beware. I'll make sure you go breathless while your hands are tied up and in court! Because of this, I had to change my tyre which cost me almost 300 bucks!

Moving on, I've been gaining fat. Hahahaha. Yes it is an unfortunate event!

And the most recent event was my car having to enter the workshop. As I'm typing this, my baby car is in the workshop and the doctors are waiting for the parts to come to fix him. Owning a car is a beauty but whenever they have to get fixed, it hurts so much! Total cost to repair is going to cost me almost 1,000 bucks! Oh gosh!

Now I'm unsure if I'll be able to head to Singapore next month due to this unforeseen situation. I've yet to book my hotel but I've booked my flight and a friend have bought me a USS Halloween ticket. Hmmmm....what should I do?