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Hello dear blog,

How are you doing? Technically not my blog but you folks reading, if any of you are reading.

It has been so long since I've returned to this place.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to perhaps a new me from now on to be a better person, reduce negativity and meet more people along my way.

Taking a step at a time and doing what I love and best at. Not easy but I'm sure I will surely arrive there.

Anything new so far? Well I've signed my housing loan. Yes, a huge ass commitment. Gosh anyway for future.

Me and my partner have officially parted ways. It was me who requested for it. It is for the best.

Here's to a new life!


  1. what ? you broke up with your guy ? why la :(

  2. Sorry to hear of the break up. Good that you consider this a new start and have a good attitude about it.


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