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New job is great so far but pretty hectic these days. Been attending lots of seminar, talks, functions and etc. It is good to network but can be physically tiring as well. It's not easy honestly. Not at all. Some folks might think its fun but its not.

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So yesterday I was having supper with my bestie and we were of course checking out some folks around that area. There were those who are perfect, semi and not. Among these few you could clearly see a trend and segregation of the community.

What do I mean by that is, if you're the talk of the town, your friends are from the same category, while if you're a nobody, your friends are from that range as well. It is very rare to see people who are from mixed category mixing around.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm a nobody. I can't imagine trying to live a life just to satisfy my fellow followers on my social media by having to post how cool I am, where I travel to, or who I am with it. It is all pretentious and sometimes it can even be fake.

People tend to say "Owh you sure know a lot of people". Honestly, no. If you talk about work maybe but social life I prefer a smaller and more intimate group. Plus if I did know a lot of people, I'll be famous myself.

Anyway, the community is filled with segregation. Don't believe me try paying attention to them and you'll see it.


  1. I like small groups too!! That way you're actually talking to everyone


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