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2 & half months till 2018

Can you believe it? We are just 2 and half months shy before we ring in the year 2018. I feel like I barely did anything this year. Apart from facing and experiencing new things and issues. So much have happen and I'm not sure what's going to happen next. Just taking a step at a time and trying too absorb everything in.

Since the break I've had folks coming up to me asking what do I plan to do or am I seeing anyone new and stuff. The usual questions you get and my answer is simple. Making time for my self is more important now than ever. Last two years due to my job working from 9 to 9 on a daily basis took away lots of stuff and now I'm just trying to recover them back slowly. Of course I would go back to the scene but slowly la. No hurry anyways and I find the breakup was good cause I've heard some rumours going round. Though it's yet to be determine if it's true or not but still it's enough to give me a reason to not head back to it. Rather not talk about it anyway.

On a good note I've been fighting to reduce my body fat percentage and it seems to be working! I'm just so ecstatic about it and couldnt be any happier about it. It's not a big number but having reduced it from 17.5% to 15.9% within a span of 3 months I'm of course happy.

Just got to work even harder for it to go lower than this and hopefully I'll be able to hit the 11% mark which I did 4 years ago. Hahaha! Though I really feel I have to control what I eat to further enhance myself. Hahaha. Keeping fit is so tough! I wonder how those people can do it so easily while I struggle like mad and have to keep forcing myself to do it.

Side track abit, I can't wait for month end. Be travelling to Singapore for some time out over the weekend and having some fun time for Halloween. Heading to the ghost house in USS and damn the tickets are freaking expensive yet lots of people buy them (I'm one of them). Hahaha.

Not all the time so it's fine la. My only worry now is my backpack which I'm bringing with me during the trip. I can't find my old backpack so I'm getting a new one but I'm not sure when it will arrive since I bought it online last two days. I didn't purchase luggage for the trip since it's just three days so I'll have to squeeze everything into that backpack. Crossing fingers I get the backpack soon!

Up next got to start planning for my Bangkok trip. Planning to stay in those AirBnB places. Bestie helped me shortlist some places and they look pretty cool plus it's convenient. Can't wait to shop and have some me time again. Travelling isn't all that bad although some people would say "Aiya so pityful travelling alone". Damn you girl at least I'm independent and brave enough to do so unlike you.

It's already mid October and I wonder is the beer fest still happening? Or they just decided to ban he whole beer thing from ever happening? Seriously this country is really a joke. We are always in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

I guess that's about it for today. Here I am after gym and lunch having my hot cup of mocha at T & Co while I draft this out. Hope I have more time to write for my next entry. Actually I do but I'm just lazy. Any ideas what I should write? Hmmmm....oh well. Till then folks!


  1. Get me souvenirs from singapore, thankssss!!!!!!!

  2. funny, i have been to many countries, yet i have never been to Singapore before, haha...

    anyway, if you feel that your body fat percentage doesn’t go down after a period of time, do try consuming a teaspoon of organic “ghee” a.k.a purified butter early in the morning on empty stomach, you might think i am crazy, but good fat is essential for fat loss, you can do your own research regarding ghee’s health benefits online, plus ghee is rich in CLA, so you should know better :)

  3. Whats the rumour do share ? At least we readers can know what it is =)

  4. Hey just curious as well been reading but what are those rumours which stop u from going back? =(


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