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Final closure

Okay this post is going to be kind of personal.

I need some closure to this feeling inside.
We've been hurt by all these little fights.
Lots of pain & hatred that we just hide.
But it has not changed how I feel for you inside.

The pain hurts but it hurts much more now.
I regret my actions but you'll never know.
I had a decision to have you back just now.
But in the end you moved on & I didn't know.

As we bid goodbye there was not a tear in your eye.
It made me curious & I wondered why.
Days gone by & I had news from a passerby.
That you were fishing when we were singing our lullaby.

I wish you all the best in your current state.
A state of mind that we can never underestimate.
Sometimes all we say is just leave it to fate.
And fate it is as long it doesn't lead to hate.

I need some closure to the feelings inside.
Feelings so strong that I couldn't hide.
My friends asked me out some drinks at Hyde.
But all I wished was to be at the countryside.


  1. Did u try getting back with Marc?

    1. I think JLo may not like it.

    2. If JLo doesnt like it then find someone better than JLo will approve of!!!! =)

      I know u can find someone better

  2. Is this related to the guy u were last with that you called off your relationship with?

  3. So sorry to hear this Adrian be strong n keep looking forward. Perhaps its not meant to be


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