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Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween! Happy Halloween folks! I think pretty much everyone celebrated their Halloween over the weekend and I did too. In Singapore that is.

So as I mentioned previously I was heading to the Merlion state and I did last Friday till Sunday. It was certainly a great short gate away for me as I really needed it. Met with a couple of friends and made new ones too!

But the highlight of the trip was certainly spending my Saturday evening till late night at Universal Studios Singapore for Halloween. It is actually my virgin trip to the theme park (don't judge) and I'm so glad I decided to go. I loved every second of it and of course I had great company as well.

During this trip I realised how much I've missed the world of meeting people and making friends. Plus how all this made me feel so much happier than before. Time to go out and be merry!

Aside from that, during and after the trip I felt something tingling inside of me but I'm just trying not to let it consume me. I guess the main reason is I'm pretty sure nothing will ever happen and it will eventually die off over time. But for what it's worth, it was a memorable one for me.

Next up, I'm looking forward to another trip in December! 6 days of leisure time and relaxing moments.


  1. where's my souvenir?!!!!! or you wanna get me one from bang-cock? haha


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