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Being irrelevant

See la. Sometimes I’m so hardworking to blog but sometimes I’m just like fuck it I’m not going to write anything.

So we just passed mid November and soon December is coming plus Christmas then the new year. There is still so much to do but so little time in our hands till we just struggle to do everything and anything we can within a small period of time.

Was having a conversation with a friend couple days ago and we were talking about who we keep in life, who we just put them aside on a shelve at the corner of the room and those that we just burn away all the memories we have, then throwing the ashes into the monsoon drain.

That conversation made me think a lot and I noticed that I rarely burn any friendship or any relation I may have with someone. Maybe it’s because I just tend to distant myself from them who are just a pain or perhaps I’m just not comfortable to be around with. I think, if I’m not wrong, and if I remember correctly, the only person who I totally shut off from my life was my first ex. May God bless that person’s soul. I really got no care what happens to that person in this life or next.

So going back to the topic, yea I rarely burn bridges with anyone unless they become offended by what I may have said or done which it is really not my concern. Even if the person may have backstabbed me, I would not burn any relation I have with that person but instead I would just avoid him or her. Why? Because this type of people are just not relevant in your life anymore. Sometimes you just don’t need these sort of humans in your life which are just so toxic. The worst are two faced humans which cannot even be compared to Kaonashi from Spirited Away.

But of course not all that have done bad would or should get their heads chopped off. I’m also human and everyone else are humans. We all have brains and emotions built into us to think and feel. The best is to just let them be and you go on with your life. You have a brain to think so why not use it right?

Most important is what we do is right and follow our conscious. Follow our guts and hearts, maybe sometimes our brain too but not our dicks (for the guys).

So do you still need someone who is irrelevant to be in your life?


  1. Nice post bro. So do you still talk n communicate with your recent Ex as well? Not easy since u mentiones u dont cut off ties

  2. So bro patched up with Marcus yet?

  3. I don't see a problem with this approach. You're not going to click with everyone. You're not going to keep everyone close. So what's wrong with just putting some distance between you and that person? No need to be harsh or rude about it....just put some distance.


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