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A very Merry Christmas to you!

I know it has been some time since I've visited this place. Lets hope there will be more to come?

Anyway, have a very happy Merry Christmas to you!

P.s. - What would you want me to write in my next post?

Counting down the days

I really hate mid week public holidays. It just makes me so bloody lazy and sets the wrong mood for work. Tell me you hate it too?

Work has been quite okay lately and I'm kind of loving it at the moment, but, at times I do wish I could feel more contented with what I'm currently doing. I wish I could do more and feel like I've achieved something. However that aside, I'm just hoping something good will come soon. I'm not really putting my hopes like way up there yet till I get some solid news. Crossing fingers and hoping for he best, for now.

Work travels + Life

So I'm starting back some of my work travels. I do love to do work travels but it can be quite tiring.

What have I been doing lately?

Well, back in July I went for a 5 days vacation to an island and it was honestly a fun trip although there were some minor ups and downs. The bad side about the trip was, I actually spent more than what I allocated for, but all this were mainly contributed by me spending too much on drinks. For four nights I spent a chunk of my funds on drinks in the bar. What a waste no? Made new friends during this trip mainly at the bar but it was good. It doesn't happen every day right?

Anyway back to work, yea I've been traveling again. All travels are just within the country and not outside so its still good. But back to back travels are very tiring. Every since I got back from my trip I flew to Sibu, Kuching and now Penang. Every week I've been traveling. Fun? Yes. Tiring? Extremely.

At this very moment, all I want is to just have some good rest a…

Things I Read

So I've been more active on Twitter compared to Instagram for the past few months. Why? I guess cause Twitter is less superficial compared to Instagram plus I get to interact with humans on Twitter as well.

Anyway, being on Twitter, it never fails to surprise me with the things people write or say.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, "Is that what you do all day long or perhaps in your life?".

I won't say what is it about but it just surprises me and I can't help but judge some of them. I judge but I don't throw it to their faces anyway.

I guess to some, that's how they like to live their life as and perhaps not much care about other things? I don't know.

Back again

Suddenly had the urge to writing something here again.

The past month has been quite good. I've had folks coming up and asking how I am and stuff, honestly thank you very much for the support. Actually nothing major happened. Just the usual ups and downs of trying to be in a relationship but then again nothing really happens cause those kind of shit is just meh.

I'm kind of enjoying my time at the moment. I get to gym longer, do my own stuff, laze at home, go out for coffee, do things without having any concern of offending or managing another person's feeling or time.

What have I been up to? Well not much or shall I say, I prefer not to share it here or any other place. Why? Because some people tend to say stuff which I do get offended. Some folks just have nothing nice to say but ridicule. But I'm planning for my dive trip in September. Hope all goes well.

Owh these days I do get irritated by spoiled brats. Hey, you've grown up with a silver spoon in your freakin…

From "Pause" to "End"

Watching alone

I've actually watch a movie alone and today is the first time I've done it. 
Bought myself a Premier class ticket instead of the normal one since I'm alone. 

Watched Jurassic World.
To be honest, it wasn't all that bad anyways. 
Just that you either don't have person next to you to look at or a person's hand to hold.
Kind of sad when you think of it, but I guess that's how things are for me now. 
A friend told me this:
"You need to get used doing things alone. Once you've mastered it, you won't be so depended on your future partner and less emotional if he doesn't have time for you."
Yes I am kind of clingy at times when I need to be.


Means: Interrupt action or speech briefly / A temporary stop in action or speech
Synonyms: stop, cessation, break, halt, stoppage, standstill, interruption, check, lull, respite, stay, breathing space, discontinuation, discontinuance, hiatus, gap, lapse (of time), interlude, intermission, interval, entr'acte; adjournment, suspension, moratorium, interregnum; rest, time out, stopover, delay, hold-up, wait; hesitation, beat, caesura, let-up, breather

I have finally done it!

This year I've made a personal bucket list and I've finally ticked one item off that not short nor long list!

May 9, 2018

How much time you've spent?

I swore I thought I wrote a post on the 1st of May, but looks like I did not. Haha.
Well, hello there May. How are you doing? Hope you're doing good. How am I you May ask? Well so far I'm just the same, day in day out. Boring same old shit. Few weeks back (not sure how many weeks but many, many weeks), I've been telling people or talking to people about my personal life and how much I want it to change and bla bla bla bla. I will not do this. I will not do that.

Too much doubts

Took a 2 hours and 30 minutes flight to Sandakan this morning. Been flying so much lately it is starting to make me feel extra lazy to even fly for holidays. All these travels I've been doing are just for work and not holidays as some may perceive. 

What's the 411?

Finally I am back here. It has been almost a month since I last posted something here.
Always want to write but then lazy. No help in that right? Haha.
So what's the 411?


Lately, actually not lately. It has been sometime now that I have notice, some humans are just plain instigators. What I do mean by that? Well, all they want to do is instigate something towards another person may it be through their actions or words.

I find these sort of people have just too much time on their hands and all they want to do is just find issues to bug people on. Like seriously? Have you not got anything else to do?

Is it really that fun?

There should be boundaries and those boundaries are at times not meant to be crossed. If you do cross it, beware, you have been warned, you will get pretty burned up.

These sort of instigators comes in many forms. Some can be physical while the most common ones are those that we call, "keyboard warriors" or should I say "smartphone warriors" instead? Hahaha.

Sometimes it is not that I hate these folks but at times, do know when to stop and when or what to ask or say things. Being naive is one, but being a noob is an…

My belated birthday present

Not sure if I've mentioned it before but I was in the midst of getting my birthday pressie since late January. Now, my pressie is here and I cannot be any more happy about it!

It is totally something personal to me and only me would ever know why. So my advise is, don't bother asking me about it. 

What a tiring day

So I'm now at KKIA waiting for my flight back to KL. It has been a super long day here in this city. Technically I've been up since 6:30am while I slept at 2:00am this morning as well. Don't ask me why.

Anyway it's my first time to Kota Kinabalu and I must say, it's a pretty place to visit. Here for work and not leisure as some might think. Though I don't mind coming back here for leisure. There's still so much to do and see! I'm planning my list of to dos for my next trip here.

Oh March is here

February just went by so fast without even me or us realising it. Ain't it? How I wished my birthday month would last just a bit longer.
Anyway sometimes I don't really know what some people are trying to proof. They would harp over the same thing over and over just to get an answer. What are they looking for? Some sort of assurance or what? Or they just have no other thing to do and would love to create some drama? Drama is all they know in life I guess?

CNY & Banana

Happy Chinese New Year folks! Hope your new year has been great. Every year the new year is pretty much the same for me. Dinner and laze around. Nothing great or exceptional ever happens. There are those who always look forward to the new year but for me it becomes a routine and I’m just too used to it. This year I didn’t even buy any new clothes cause I feel it’s just the same. I know it’s not exactly good for me to be having these sort of feeling but well I can’t help it.

So how am I going to overcome this issue? Well I’m thinking of doing something different next year. Something simple like taking the whole family out for dinner or travelling somewhere. I do wish I have the means to do so much more but I don’t. So I shall do what I can and able to for now. 
The new year aside, it has been bothering me a lot lately that I was raised as a banana. You must be wondering what do I mean by being a banana right? Well it basically means a person who is a Chinese but can’t read, write or sp…

Elton John

Firstly, gosh such a tiring week. 
Okay, not that tiring. Just overreacting a little. 
Just got back from Sibu on Monday and tomorrow I'll be flying off to Kota Bahru for a meeting. Somehow I do love this sort of work travel matters. It makes the day move faster and I get to be out of the office as well. There's good and bad to it. The bad is I got to be up bloody early just to catch my flight.
Looks like everyone is heading home for the new year and here I am stuck in town. Why? Cause I've got no hometown which is out of town to visit. Well, being local (Klang Valley) has its advantages such as no traffic and no worries of having to get stuck in massive crawls along the highways.
I'm not really looking forward to this year's reunion dinner. One of the main reason is I will be asked this; "Eh where's your girl friend? You want to be like Elton John ar?". Like seriously what sort of reference are you trying to make? Anyway, I've been getting that s…

What has changed?

So how did I celebrate my birthday? Nothing much to be honest. Simple dinner, then visited Divine Bliss (yes the roof top bar or club) at G Tower (such a nice name for a building ain't it?). Had a couple of drinks. Not exactly couple but few glasses to be precise. Drank my current favourite vodka which is Grey Goose but somehow it didn't really hit me. This made someone pissed because he said "It is your birthday! You're supposed to get drunk!". Honey, vodka is in my blood. Hahahaha! It was a fun night, having my butch and bestie there. Not forgetting the others who joined as well.

Met some new acquaintances after the night ended. It was nice knowing them. A funny fact is, one of them called me an otter. Any idea what is an otter?

Anyway since then (my birthday), nothing much has changed. I'm still pretty much the same human being. Still not dating anyone. Is it cause I'm not keen? Not really. It is more of me being lazy that's why. I've gave up t…

Bye bye

I'm grateful to be breathing at this age. To be still alive and live through all sorts of adventure for the past 30 years. I am not sure what would you call it but I guess you can safely say I am no longer in the twenties range.
So what will the next 30 years throw at me? I have no bloody idea. However one thing is for sure, we should all do what we love and enjoy the most. Life is too short to worry so much anyways.

Getting better

Things are slowly getting better after sometime. I'm heading back to gym, balancing out my work, keeping up with friends, things are getting better. That's what I tell myself every day and night. Things are getting better.
After many rounds of doubts and questioning, it is just the right time to let go of the stuff we keep holding on. When you think of it, why do we keep holding on when we know it would not do us any good? 
Another reason why finally I'm feeling much better is cause I've learn to forgive and perhaps forget. Of course it is not easy but once you've done it, everything just feels better. Like a huge burden has been taken off your shoulders and you can walk without having to hunch your back all the time. Some people may take a longer time to do so while others are just faster. Eventually having hatred won't get you anywhere and won't do you any good at all. Due to what happen couple months back, yes, I used to have lots of hate but then I thou…

Being human

Be grateful

The past few weeks I've been meeting a few of my very close friends for advise and support. To be honest, I'm really thankful to have them. I mean, they can really tolerate all my stupid thoughts, opinions, situations and without a question would just sit there and listen to me crap all the way.

I could not ask for any other people in the world to replace them. I know some of them may not be reading this but I just want to say, I'm truly grateful to have them in my life.

Been absorbing and taking in as much as I can from what has been said to me. Been trying to apply all the advise in my daily life as well as trying to live by it on a daily basis.

One of the most unforgettable advise that was given to me is to be grateful for all the things no matter big or small.

Are we grateful for all the things we have or do we only start to regret after its taken away?

I'm grateful for being able to see another day in my life and for having my loved ones with me.

But am I grateful…

Expect the unexpected

Third week of January 2018. Time is really really REALLY moving so darn slow! Was wishing it would move faster but in the end it still isn't. So shitty.

The sun still hasn't appear for five days I think? Though rain has stopped which is a good start but I would like some sun sometimes. I'm a sunny person.

Anyway, I'm kinda on a medical leave today. My tummy is acting up again and I really don't know what. It is really irritating and I'm just disliking it a lot. I think it is related to my gastric problem which I'm been facing for many years. Maybe I should get my self checked? I don't know. What if the doctor says I'm ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ?

I guess we have to expect the unexpected right?

Why do we

Till date, it has been a really slow start. We are only 10 days into 2018 and I'm already wishing time would move faster.

I feel things are really moving very slow and I really cannot take slowness.

29 to 30

What kind of world are we living in? Well a man made world of course. What is a man made world? Well, it is a world made by man. This debate can go on and on for God knows how long.

30 to 30

Its 4th of January 2018.
30 days to go.
What have I done thus far? I don't know.


Happy new year. Welcome 2018.

We are in the new year but somehow, all I have in me are mixed feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and so much more about welcoming the new year last night.

Among the many other years I've lived and can remember, 2017 has certainly been the toughest year I've ever faced filled with all sorts of life dramas and situations. As much I want to say "Oh 2017 has been a great year for me!" but the fact is I am not able to say so, because if I did it would all just be a pile of junk and lie. No, 2017 has not been a great year but somehow I've managed to pull through it and in a way, it has made me wiser and a better person.