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29 to 30

What kind of world are we living in? Well a man made world of course. What is a man made world? Well, it is a world made by man. This debate can go on and on for God knows how long.

So for the longest time ever I have always had the thought of moving to some where else. Moving as in to start new, fresh and experience something different. I started having all this thought since 2015 but I have never really placed any importance on it nor effort. Why? Well cause at that point of time I guess, I thought I had everything I ever needed. Life was good or more like life was pleasant.

The thought of starting new somewhere else always scares me and that is the reason why I never made any effort to do so. Life here in this city of humans has just been too comfortable for me. I mean, we can do as we wish, go where we want, what is not to love right?

When I hear stories of how others are in other places makes me envy of them and I would start to think, should I be brave and go out there? I don't know. I am just not ready to drop what I have here at the moment. I think that is what is holding me back.

Plus it is easy to say than to make those words into action. If I were to make the move there are so many things to consider. My family and my closes of friends. What would I do without them by my side? Will I survive? Maybe I will, maybe I would not. How to predict the future?

If only there were time machines which we could use to travel back and forth to change what we could. That would be so awesome.

Now the question on my mind is, should I make the move?