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CNY & Banana

Happy Chinese New Year folks! Hope your new year has been great. Every year the new year is pretty much the same for me. Dinner and laze around. Nothing great or exceptional ever happens. There are those who always look forward to the new year but for me it becomes a routine and I’m just too used to it. This year I didn’t even buy any new clothes cause I feel it’s just the same. I know it’s not exactly good for me to be having these sort of feeling but well I can’t help it.

So how am I going to overcome this issue? Well I’m thinking of doing something different next year. Something simple like taking the whole family out for dinner or travelling somewhere. I do wish I have the means to do so much more but I don’t. So I shall do what I can and able to for now. 
The new year aside, it has been bothering me a lot lately that I was raised as a banana. You must be wondering what do I mean by being a banana right? Well it basically means a person who is a Chinese but can’t read, write or sp…

Elton John

Firstly, gosh such a tiring week. 
Okay, not that tiring. Just overreacting a little. 
Just got back from Sibu on Monday and tomorrow I'll be flying off to Kota Bahru for a meeting. Somehow I do love this sort of work travel matters. It makes the day move faster and I get to be out of the office as well. There's good and bad to it. The bad is I got to be up bloody early just to catch my flight.
Looks like everyone is heading home for the new year and here I am stuck in town. Why? Cause I've got no hometown which is out of town to visit. Well, being local (Klang Valley) has its advantages such as no traffic and no worries of having to get stuck in massive crawls along the highways.
I'm not really looking forward to this year's reunion dinner. One of the main reason is I will be asked this; "Eh where's your girl friend? You want to be like Elton John ar?". Like seriously what sort of reference are you trying to make? Anyway, I've been getting that s…

What has changed?

So how did I celebrate my birthday? Nothing much to be honest. Simple dinner, then visited Divine Bliss (yes the roof top bar or club) at G Tower (such a nice name for a building ain't it?). Had a couple of drinks. Not exactly couple but few glasses to be precise. Drank my current favourite vodka which is Grey Goose but somehow it didn't really hit me. This made someone pissed because he said "It is your birthday! You're supposed to get drunk!". Honey, vodka is in my blood. Hahahaha! It was a fun night, having my butch and bestie there. Not forgetting the others who joined as well.

Met some new acquaintances after the night ended. It was nice knowing them. A funny fact is, one of them called me an otter. Any idea what is an otter?

Anyway since then (my birthday), nothing much has changed. I'm still pretty much the same human being. Still not dating anyone. Is it cause I'm not keen? Not really. It is more of me being lazy that's why. I've gave up t…

Bye bye

I'm grateful to be breathing at this age. To be still alive and live through all sorts of adventure for the past 30 years. I am not sure what would you call it but I guess you can safely say I am no longer in the twenties range.
So what will the next 30 years throw at me? I have no bloody idea. However one thing is for sure, we should all do what we love and enjoy the most. Life is too short to worry so much anyways.

Getting better

Things are slowly getting better after sometime. I'm heading back to gym, balancing out my work, keeping up with friends, things are getting better. That's what I tell myself every day and night. Things are getting better.
After many rounds of doubts and questioning, it is just the right time to let go of the stuff we keep holding on. When you think of it, why do we keep holding on when we know it would not do us any good? 
Another reason why finally I'm feeling much better is cause I've learn to forgive and perhaps forget. Of course it is not easy but once you've done it, everything just feels better. Like a huge burden has been taken off your shoulders and you can walk without having to hunch your back all the time. Some people may take a longer time to do so while others are just faster. Eventually having hatred won't get you anywhere and won't do you any good at all. Due to what happen couple months back, yes, I used to have lots of hate but then I thou…