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Bye bye

I'm grateful to be breathing at this age. To be still alive and live through all sorts of adventure for the past 30 years. I am not sure what would you call it but I guess you can safely say I am no longer in the twenties range.

So what will the next 30 years throw at me? I have no bloody idea. However one thing is for sure, we should all do what we love and enjoy the most. Life is too short to worry so much anyways.


  1. isn't it "To STILL be alive.."? bwahahahahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTCH!!!!! Hope you enjoyed the celebration that night even though you didn't get drunk tsk tsk

  2. happy birthday, adlexus! you will forever be lexus to me. can't believe we broke the streak this year. your big 3-0 and i wasn't there to give you a hug and a sloppyoppy kiss. promise we'll get together again soon.

    can't wait to read all your adventures. xx

    1. Hahaha we still have 100 years more to go to kiss and hug each other!


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