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Elton John

Firstly, gosh such a tiring week. 

Okay, not that tiring. Just overreacting a little. 

Just got back from Sibu on Monday and tomorrow I'll be flying off to Kota Bahru for a meeting. Somehow I do love this sort of work travel matters. It makes the day move faster and I get to be out of the office as well. There's good and bad to it. The bad is I got to be up bloody early just to catch my flight.

Looks like everyone is heading home for the new year and here I am stuck in town. Why? Cause I've got no hometown which is out of town to visit. Well, being local (Klang Valley) has its advantages such as no traffic and no worries of having to get stuck in massive crawls along the highways.

I'm not really looking forward to this year's reunion dinner. One of the main reason is I will be asked this; "Eh where's your girl friend? You want to be like Elton John ar?". Like seriously what sort of reference are you trying to make? Anyway, I've been getting that same question every time there's a family gathering. Sometimes I just wished I could answer "YES!" and have their peppy mouths shut.

I just realise its Valentines Day tomorrow. Who or how will I be spending my Valentines? Well perhaps with myself. Loving myself more. Why must Valentines be celebrated with others? I mean its just a man made day. If you ask me, when you're in a relationship, every day should be Valentines for as long as it lasts. Not just on a particular day.

Owh Dua Lipa is coming to KL. Anyone planning to catch her? If yes, can I join?