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What has changed?

So how did I celebrate my birthday? Nothing much to be honest. Simple dinner, then visited Divine Bliss (yes the roof top bar or club) at G Tower (such a nice name for a building ain't it?). Had a couple of drinks. Not exactly couple but few glasses to be precise. Drank my current favourite vodka which is Grey Goose but somehow it didn't really hit me. This made someone pissed because he said "It is your birthday! You're supposed to get drunk!". Honey, vodka is in my blood. Hahahaha! It was a fun night, having my butch and bestie there. Not forgetting the others who joined as well.

Met some new acquaintances after the night ended. It was nice knowing them. A funny fact is, one of them called me an otter. Any idea what is an otter?

Anyway since then (my birthday), nothing much has changed. I'm still pretty much the same human being. Still not dating anyone. Is it cause I'm not keen? Not really. It is more of me being lazy that's why. I've gave up talking to some people who I thought could be potential dates. You know I totally hate it when you try to strike a conversation and the reply you get are "Hahaha / Lol / Ic / Hehehe / 2 words / 3 words". Honestly, if that's all you're going to reply, better not bother to do so. Maybe their fingers are made of gold and each time they type, a bit of them falls off which lowers their value. Meh.

I'm still working on my top 5 things to do within the next 2 years. This is something my bestie taught me which is to make short term goals that would lead to my own happiness and satisfaction. I was also told to go for a holiday, secretly without anyone knowing. Which means I am not allowed to tell a single soul except my family where I'm going, I must go alone and I cannot share anything on social media till I'm back from it. Sounds easy right? But honestly it is not! Where to go la?

Next, I'm saving up for my birthday gift which coming in March. Yes I bought my self a gift and I'm happy about it. Stop judging!


  1. Happy birthday (again) to you! Is there any place/city/country that you really really wanna go but you haven't? Maybe you can go there for your secret holiday mission.

    1. Thank you! I have a city which I really want to go but I can't afford it now.

  2. BITCH!!!! I asked you last time and you said you not getting yourself anything since need to save money pffffttttttttttttt

    Otter is a hairy twink hahahaha you are definitely not one at all since you re not twink :P LOLLOOLOL

  3. you should always buy yourself gifts!


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