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Lately, actually not lately. It has been sometime now that I have notice, some humans are just plain instigators. What I do mean by that? Well, all they want to do is instigate something towards another person may it be through their actions or words.

I find these sort of people have just too much time on their hands and all they want to do is just find issues to bug people on. Like seriously? Have you not got anything else to do?

Is it really that fun?

There should be boundaries and those boundaries are at times not meant to be crossed. If you do cross it, beware, you have been warned, you will get pretty burned up.

These sort of instigators comes in many forms. Some can be physical while the most common ones are those that we call, "keyboard warriors" or should I say "smartphone warriors" instead? Hahaha.

Sometimes it is not that I hate these folks but at times, do know when to stop and when or what to ask or say things. Being naive is one, but being a noob is another.

But anyway, I take all these as entertainment to me as well. Makes like a little exciting is it not?