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Oh March is here

February just went by so fast without even me or us realising it. Ain't it? How I wished my birthday month would last just a bit longer.

Anyway sometimes I don't really know what some people are trying to proof. They would harp over the same thing over and over just to get an answer. What are they looking for? Some sort of assurance or what? Or they just have no other thing to do and would love to create some drama? Drama is all they know in life I guess?

On another note, last weekend my besties decided to throw me a surprise belated birthday staycation and some pampering session. Well, I had my nails done both hand and feet. Hey, not only women who does it okay. After that, it was dinner and of course some wine (4 bottles and 1 vodka - tried a new brand and it was pretty smooth!) back at the apartment.

I was told by them I'm a bad bartender. Why? Cause during the first round of wine, I made everyone finish they glasses instantly. Then I was drinking it like water followed by vodka. Next thing I knew I was on the bed, telling my recent dark secrets to them and finally falling asleep till next morning. Woke up and the first drink I had was vodka with orange. W O W! Yup. By the pool!

So technically I had alcohol in my blood for a whole good 34 hours?

I cannot not thank them enough for always being there and I hope I've not let them down in anyway.