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What's the 411?

Finally I am back here. It has been almost a month since I last posted something here.

Always want to write but then lazy. No help in that right? Haha.

So what's the 411?

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How's work?
Been traveling slightly more than usual. Since January till now, I think I've filled up my flight quota in comparison since the last two years. Just got back last Thursday from day trip to East Malaysia. Seriously it's tiring. The waiting and having to wake up early is not fun. But I still love sitting in a plane.

How's gym coming along?
Well I'm currently being slightly more strict on myself. I've stopped snacking on bread at night. Working out more and burning more fats to reduce my fat percentage to at least 13%. It shot up to 17% recently so I got to control it. Been doing yoga once a week and flexibility has improve but I have some lower back stiffness.

How's holiday plans coming along?
So far I've only got 2 plans till date and I'm not like rushing into planning anything more. This year has been tough for me as I've also started paying for my house. I'm just trying to save as much as I can but some how, all those money goes to settling my debts. Technically I don't have any money.

Have you register as a voter?
Yup I have and honestly speaking it'll be my first time voting. I know you may say I'm such a useless person well I don't care. One thing I notice this year is that everyone seems to be a politician. From the things I see on Facebook and Twitter, gosh guys, before you complain so much, about the government or opposition, what you yourself have done to make the country better? You can't even throw rubbish in a bin or queue up to take the train and you expect things to be better? Change your mindset before you expect change in others.

How's social life?
I feel like I've been reducing my social outings and keeping it within friends. If you meant meeting new people and stuff, nah not really into that anymore. It just takes up energy and I literally mean that. The amount of focus and effort, gosh its a lot.

How's love life?
Well I'm not official with anyone yet nor am I committed to anyone as well. I'm just living my life as it is for now. No hurry but well just maybe seeing someone. So it is seeing and not like dating yet, so it doesn't mean you know...bla bla bla. Not sure how it will go but lets hope for the best. These days I've just tend to chop people off easily. Like if it doesn't happen then its bye bye or from first meet, doesn't happen then its bye to you. I don't want to waste anybody's time that's for sure. Beside these days I like to keep things private and no more sharing with other folks except maybe just writing here some things like above. Someone are just plain busy bodies in life.

Till my next post!


  1. i want more 411 next time we meet

  2. loved that point you made about people not even being able to live up to the basics and yet they expect so much more. let's get the basics out of the way first, shall we?? lol. whereabouts are you registered to vote? first time voter! EXCITES!


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